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About Me

   ​I am Bill Howard, owner and trainer of Top Dog Canine Behavioral Training. I’ve grown up around dogs and from the beginning have wanted to to work with animals. Over the years I've gone through all the potential jobs that would allow me to work with animals. Veterinarian, biologist, zoologist, etc. But a career working with dogs has always been the dream.
I've worked at multiple dog daycares and loved the experience of being with and working with large groups of dogs. But it wasn't all that I wanted for me or the dogs. I wanted to to be able to help dogs and their owners be able to have the relationship that I had with my dogs. A relationship that is happy and stress free.
   I had a bit of experience and some knowledge but not enough to feel that I could do what I wanted in the dog world so I went back to college and started studying to be a police officer while also taking every psychology and philosophy class I could. Just before I graduated I was reading that police departments where not going to be hiring for at least a year due to budgetary issues. So I went back to the dream.
   I found another dog daycare and put in an application. I got the job and within a couple of months the dream was back stronger than ever. I had watched the Dog Whisperer shows every chance I could and saw what I wanted to do so the search started for the training. I found a guy in Los Angeles named Linn Boyke. He was mentored by Cesar Milan and had gone on to found his own business and his School of Dog Psychology for people to come learn for themselves. I learned so much about how dogs think and how they interact and how we interact with them.
   I brought my new found knowledge and way of thinking back to the dog daycare and continued to learn and observe dog behavior until I felt that I was prepared to make my dream a reality. That’s when Top Dog was born.
   I have gone on to volunteer and work with local rescue organizations in the area. B.A.R.K, Lab Rescue, and R.A.L are great organizations that help hundreds of dogs every year and I am glad to have the opportunity to be involved with them.
   Now I am living, and loving, my dream every day.​                                                  ,