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Behavioral Training

 People often misinterpret what their dogs do and why they do it, and end up trying to correct a symptom without addressing the cause. With behavior-focused training, I’ll teach you the real causes behind the behaviors and how to fix them. Any bad behavior can be remedied, from barking at strangers to poor behavior on the leash to aggression towards humans and animals.           Behavioral training is more than just teaching the dog. I will also work to teach you, the owner, how to understand what your dog is trying to communicate to you and how you can communicate back in a way that your dog will understand.  I’ll help you identify what’s causing your dog’s anxiety and show you how to reduce that anxiety, making your dog happier and more well-balanced.
​ Common Behavioral Issues:
1) Can not be examined or groomed without growling or trying to bite
2) Growls, lunges, or shrinks away from strangers
3) Will not let guests enter the house without growling, lunging, or
4) Growls or bites to guard food, toys, or resting spaces
5) Patrols windows, doors, car or yard, barking at strangers
or other dogs
6) They are afraid of new people, objects, sounds, or smells
7) Can not settle down in a room with other dogs
8) Doesn't get along with people or other animals in the home
9) Is not able to walk down the street and pass a person or another
​dog without growling, lunging, or barking