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New Dog: Choosing & Training

Getting a new puppy or full grown dog is always fun, but there are things to consider other than looks and size. Such as:
Each dog is an individual with a unique and lasting
personality. Grown dogs have established
personalities. When you’re choosing a puppy,
imagine it behaving the same way as an adult as it
does now. While behavior can be changed with a
lot of work, you and your puppy will be happier if
​ you choose one with a personality that suits you.
Different breeds of dog have different
needs. Some are hunters and will
want to hunt, others are hard-headed
and stubborn. Still others need a lot
​ of mental stimulation.

 I can help you with finding the right dog, instruct you on what to expect and how to house-train your new dog or puppy.
​ I will also show you how to establish a stable, balanced environment where your new friend can flourish and be happy.
 What can you truly handle?
For example, you shouldn’t choose an active
dog thinking it’ll make you more active. The
best thing to do is pick a dog that fits you
right now. It’ll help your dog or puppy adjust
to its new lifestyle, so you all can grow
​ together in the coming years.